Mirror Dog Foundations’ Impact


Mirror Dog’s mission is to inspire action and drive positive change through the transformative power of media. We champion social impact storytelling, bringing awareness to worthy organizations and causes in need of elevation. Through our platform and initiatives, we unite purpose-driven organizations, passionate artists, and generous funders to create inspired educational content that sparks meaningful conversations and fosters social progress. Together, we strive to create a world where media serves as a catalyst for empathy, education, and empowerment.

Join us at Mirror Dog as we unleash the transformative power of media and work towards a world where social impact, creativity, and sustainability converge to shape a brighter future for all.


Mirror Dog Foundation is a branch of an incredible ecosystem that brings the power of elevated storytelling to aid companies and nonprofit organizations that dynamically interact with each other. Bringing in need of hope, and inspire viewers to act. We work with purpose driven organizations and non-profits to unite them with passionate artists and generous funders to create inspired educational content in a variety of media formats and use it to drive change.

“Success is measured by the lives you impact daily in a positive way. Together we can build a momentous and impactful synergy for change.”

Mirror Dog Foundations’ Impact

People Reached

Impacted Countries

Businesses Impacted

Impact After Series Were Distributed

  • Will use social media differently 60% 60%
  • think the series would be helpful 85% 85%
  • think should be shown in schools 90% 90%


The Mirror Dog Foundation is a 501c3 that supports the making of social impact media. 

We identified consistent gaps in how organizations create, promote, and sustain storytelling cultures. All social impact organizations—philanthropy, business, nonprofit, and others—have the ability to shift the dynamics in the social impact sector by bringing the right people and resources together to improve both the supply side and the demand side of the storytelling marketplace.

We envision an innovative new storytelling marketplace where for the first time social impact organizations can leverage an interactive platform that provides strategic guidance, content, case studies and links to capacity building tools—all to elevate the practice of digital storytelling.