Igniting Change through Storytelling


Igniting Change through Storytelling

Welcome Creators, Dreamers & Doers

Since the dawn of time, artists and entertainers have played instrumental parts in shaping our world. Each generation, fresh voices emerge to offer new perspectives that add rich content.

The Mirror Dog ecosystem is a network of organizations and people built around a common mission. We champion and produce media focused on social impact storytelling.

We may not know artists and entertainers personally, but they’ve impacted the world and all of our lives in some form or another. Ancient words, wisdom, myths, and stories endure. New voices and ideas add richness to the world. Whether through books, music, visual arts, entertainment, or causes, artists in all forms have given us joy, made us laugh, cry, changed our perception, carried us through tough times and feel empathy for others. Sometimes, they give hope to others who are striving to achieve. Our vision is to create a holistic media ecosystem where we partner together.

The Importance of Story Telling


Effective stories inspire people for social causes by creating human connection and emotional resonance.


Well-crafted stories can communicate abstract and complex ideas in ways that encourage understanding and value connections.


Stories can be used to introduce a new topic into the public dialogue, contribute to an ongoing conversation, and engage people as active participants.


Stories can be used to share learning and lessons from successes and failures with colleagues, donors, and other key audiences.

We believe storytelling holds the power to make an impact

It positively transforms mindsets and advances life skills by feeding curiosity, fostering connection and sharing unique lived experiences.

As a 501c3 organization, we support social conscious organizations and artists. Our foundation works closely with non-profit organizations, teaching them how to utilize fundraising pieces to demonstrate a true return on investment (ROI) and increase awareness, donations, and support.

Opens Courageous Conversations

Mirror Dog creates awardwinning, evidenced based, films and media for schools, businesses, and non-profits to impact social change and positive action through storytelling, active listening, and conversation.

Our media programs are rooted in curiosity, empathy, and resilience to model and foster community well-being.


We strive to address structural change challenges in underdeveloped economies. We are bringing Awareness, Education, and Prevention to improve domestic economic structures. Collaborating non-profits and sponsors to those in need and bridging rural with urban.

Social Impact Entertainment (“SIE”) is not a new concept. Society has long recognized media’s power of stories to drive social change by highlighting important narratives, shifting attitudes, shaping culture, and generating empathy and activating people to effect measurable change.

“Story is a way of taking something that might seem distant or irrelevant and presenting it in a way that’s relatable.”

We believe storytelling holds the power to impact. It positively transforms mindsets and advances life skills by feeding curiosity, fostering connection and sharing unique lived experiences.

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, approximately 30% of nonprofits fail within the first year. Reasons for failure include not keeping up with the latest technology, inability to invest in infrastructure, keeping their website and other content up to date. MD and our partners provide nonprofit organizations with the resources to develop and distribute media focused on pressing societal issues.

How can digital storytelling help social impact organizations advance their missions?

Mirror Dog, as an advocacy filmmaker, is able to tap into novel tools that are combined with storytelling to increase the social impact.

Engaging Rural Communities ability of film to spark much needed community conversations and dialogue.

For example, a film, set in a small American town, highlights the challenges faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in rural areas and what can happen when community members engage in respectful dialogue.

We support part of this film’s outreach and engagement work. There are many lessons that a project offers. What particularly strikes is what this project can teach us about the power of partnerships and the value of focusing on core audiences and goals.


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