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Mirror Dog Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 2019, with a mission to create a new paradigm of media that includes a platform for collaboration to produce media products that are works of art which showcase the human spirit to motivate change.

Mirror Dog Foundation realizes that there is a lack of awareness, funding, and education to address societal issues such as human trafficking and domestic violence. Moreover, nonprofit organizations lack the technological, human, and monetary resources to fully address the community needs that they strive to meet.

Advocacy using social media increases visibility and promotes grassroots social change to connect with supporters and those who are in need.

We provide nonprofit organizations with the resources to develop and distribute media focused on pressing societal issues such as suicide prevention, children in foster care, PTSD, mental health issues, human trafficking, domestic violence, and more. The media allow nonprofit organizations to reach donors and sponsors, and to provide educational content for the public

We define “impact” as change that happens to individuals, groups, organizations, systems, and social or physical conditions. Typically long-term – and affected by many variables – impact represents the ultimate purpose of community-focused media efforts – it’s how the world is different as an outcome of our work

Through the use of social media, transmedia, or various media platforms, and structured campaigns, Mirror Dog, as an advocacy filmmaker, is able to tap into novel tools that are combined with storytelling to increase the film’s impact.

Our organization consists of diverse ethnic backgrounds and religions, and are advisors and supporters of services for all the problems our organization addresses.

Our board also consists of experts in Film, Music, Arts, Religion, Diversity, Education, Law, Health, Mental Health, and Environment, locally, in the US, and worldwide, all of which support social impact projects.


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